New Project! VFD Tube Clock!

Nixie Tube Clock

We have just gotten our new toys – 6 VFD tubes! My friend and I have decided to build a clock/calendar featuring these bad boys from mother Russia. In fact, the ones we have are actually manufactured back in the soviet era between 1978 and 1988 and somewhere in Soviet Union (possibly Saratov)!


Anyways, we have successfully tested these tubes and they look pretty awesome. I wish i can show the gif animation on my site but i cannot get it to work at this point. Here is a full display of the tube.WP_20150721_011

Here is the interfacing circuit we are going to use for our clock. In order to make the prototyping easier, we decided to use ATMEGA328P which is the microcontroller on ARDUINO UNO, so that we won’t be needing any other programming tools and can simply use Arduino uno to program our chip.Tubesmcu2

Right now, we are constructing our PCB board and more progress will be displayed here! So stay tuned!

欢迎! Willkommen! Welcome!

大家好,我是宇轩。 我现在是一名计算机工程的大四学生。现在在美国留学,我会说中文,德语和英语。


这个网站现在运行于Digital Ocean的虚拟服务器,基于linux, LEMP,wordpress构建。我之所以选择nginx是为了节约服务器的资源。






Unmanned Ground Exploration Vehicle

This is our computer engineering senior design project. This awesome project was the result of a team of 4 which I leaded. Our team won the second place in Purdue Spark Challenge along with $500 dollar reward!

Description: The UGEV is a multipurpose ground vehicle exploration robot suitable for harsh environments where humans are unable to travel. Using on-board sensors, the UGEV is able to relay information about gas leaks, temperature, and humidity wirelessly to a remote operator. Additionally, the operator can view real-time video from the perspective of the robot while it also automatically generates maps of its surroundings.

Team: Yuxuan Zhao, Zijian Zhu, Zhisheng Xu, Zhongyu Jiang.

DIY oil change on my 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander

My Mitsubishi Outlander has reached 60000 miles and I decided to change her oil with my own hands. I figured that I will have to learn how to do that at some point of my life so I might as well learn how to do it now.

Vehicle information:
2010 Mitsubishi Outlander GT
3.0 Liter 6B31 gasoline engine (if you are using the same engine, you may follow my procedure to change the oil and filter)

Things that I bought for the oil change:
Mobil 1 5W-20 Extended Performance Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 qt
Mobil 1 Extended Performance M1-110 Oil Filter
17mm Wrench from Amazon
Number 5 oil filter cap from Meijer
Oil Filter Cap
OIl and Filter
After my drive back from Meijer getting the materials I need, I waited for almost 2 hours for the exhaust to cool down but kept a decent temperature on the oil pan. Warm oil can help getting the oil out faster and more complete. If you are able to bare the hotness of the exhaust pipe, I guess you only need to wait for the oil to cool for about 10-20 min.

To unscrew the oil drain plug, I used the 17mm wrench which is definitely the perfect tool for the job. I believe my dealer screwed it too tight so that I cannot easily change my oil. Same goes to the oil filter. If the oil filter is not so tight, you might not need the filter cap for assistance at all. To my understanding, the oil filter is actually designed to be loosen by hand.

Oil Drain Plug
Oil Drain Plug
Oil Filter
Oil Filter

Once the oil had been cleared out of the oil pan, you can screw back on the plug and the new filter. But before screwing on the new filter, you should lubricate the filter with some of your new engine oil. Simply coat the oil around the upper surface and the screw thread of the new filter with your finger.

Lubricating the filter

Be advised, do not screw the oil filter too tight, as long as it does not leak, it should be tight enough. Otherwise, you will have real hard time getting it off next time and same goes to the oil drain plug.

Now you just need to add in the new oil using a funnel.

Adding the new oil in.
Adding the new oil in.

I added about 4 quarter into the engine at first but later added another .2 quarter. Starting from 4 quarter should be a pretty good strategy since it is not easier to get oil out than to get oil in.

Run the engine for a little while, maybe 5 min. Then let the engine cool down and all the oil drip back to the bottom pan.

Read the dipstick to check if you need to add or leak some of the oil.

Note on oil level checking
Note on oil level checking

A lot of people online have been complaining about the difficulty in reading the oil level on this type of the vehicle. I agree and also noticed that the English note near the dipstick actually means different things from the Chinese note. To my experience, never measure the oil level when the engine is shutdown but still hot and only read the area close to the two indicating spots. Usually, 4 quart to 4.5 quarters of oil should be good.

Hello world! This is my new site!

Willkommen! My name is Yuxuan and I am just another normal person who is curious to try adding blogging into my life. I am prepared to post things such as my project, travel logs and IT experiment experience on this site.

As my name might have indicated, I am a Chinese and a dutiful socialist. I respect everybody who are living the life just like me on this planet and also admires the works of the nature.

Here is a song called ‘internationale’ which hopefully can help you enjoy the site!

Thank you for visiting!